2009 Awards

The ISSC 2009 awards night which was held at Moose’s down on Saturday August 29th was a great success and a big thank you to all who atteneded.

The winners are as follows:

WCD Ladies All Stars:
Elan Park
Marie Dowling
Alaina Bleker
Rita Burke
Helen Keohane
Stacy Lewis-Jaklin
Angela Oldknow
Tara Philips

WCD Men’s All Stars:
Sean Twomey
David Tonge
Gary Howe

ISSC Awards:
Hurling MVP: Eoghan Buckley

Ladies newcomer: Stacy Lewis-Jaklin

Ladies MVP: Rita Burke

Men’s newcomer: Ciaran Mone

Men’s MVP: David Tonge

Club person of the year: Mel Fisher

Thanks to all who helped out during the year to make 2009 a very successful year for ISSC Vancouver.


Pat Lowney