Australia Day: Annual Aussie Rules Match 2013

The ISSC invites all its members to come join the Vancouver Cougars as they celebrate Australia Day this year, January 26th at Montgomery Park (W 43rd and Oak) (map).

The traditional game of Aussie Rules will be played between the Irish and the Aussies.

“Festivities will kick off at noon, and we have the east and west fields booked until 4 PM for some footy, including our traditional match against the Vancouver Gaelic [team]. Then starting at 6 PM we have the 3rd floor of Ceilis’ downtown location (670 Smithe St) booked. We’ll be raffling some Aussie snacks and lollies – fantales, caramelo koalas and shapes!! Other prizes (Bundaberg rum!) are in the works.

Tickets to Ceili’s are $5 and include a free drink. You can purchase at the door or pre-purchase now before they sell out here.”