Harps Aussie Rules

First off, a quick well done to all the lads who went to Whistler last
weekend. We pushed it close and if one or two events in the game went our
way, instead of the Saints we could have won it.

Our next game is on Saturday the 22nd, again against the Saints. This game is the first round of knock out games (and possibly our last game). It will be
very important for as many people as possible to come out and play, so we
can give the Saints a run for thir money.

NB – There is a rule saying that only people who have played for the Harps or ISSC members, may play for the Harps in the knock out stages.

Once i have details of where the games are taking place and the times, i
will forward them on. Also it would be good if we could get as many
supporters as possible out, to cheer us on.
More details to follow.