Training for both ladies and gents is on tomorrow evening at 7pm at Trout lake. The Celts will be playing a game against the Sons of Erin on the main pitch, while the Harps will in the park training nearby. The ladies will be training on a baseball diamond on the south end of the park. Ladies will meet at the regular spot at 6.45 and then walk to designated area. Following this, we will be going back to our Sponsors, the Black Frog in Gastown for a few sociable beverages.

The Black Frog Pub –In the heart of Gastown, 108 Cambie St., Vancouver.

This weekend, hurling training will be on Sunday at Strathcona park at 11.30am. This will be one of the last trainings before the trip to Seattle for games on the 6th May so all interested in travelling to Seattle please make an effort to come.
The Harps will be playing the Cougars in Aussie rules in Langley this Saturday. This should be a tight game and the Harps need as many players as possible to help them out. Email for more details and of your availability.
Lastly, we need 2 or more volunteers to help with the Eurofest this weekend. This will be a great way for the ISSC to promote Gaelic football and Hurling by having a presence there and introducing more people to the sport. We need someone to assist with parking from 12 – 2 and from 2 – 4. Free tickets to the event will also be provided. This is taking place at Burnaby Lake sports complex. More information about the festival can be found here -

As the club is expanding so quickly this season, we need assistance from all members to spread the workload and helping out with different ISSC activities. Each of you will be required to provide some time to do voluntary work to help the club function and expand throughout the season so volunteering two hours this week, we will be well appreciated by the club.