ISSC Update June 1

Just a quick update on training plans for this week –
Ladies –
Tonight, Monday’s training is on at 7pm at Queens Park New West.
Thursday night will be on at McSpadden park off Commercial St starting at 7pm. This is close to the Commercial/Broadway skytrain station –
Mcspadden Park
Tuesday night training starts at 7pm at Strathcona park. This is for both Celts and Harps.
Thursday night training will be on at 7pm at Trout Lake. The Harps will be playing the Sons of Erin and the Celts will be training nearby.
Strathcona Park
In advance of your trip to Seattle this weekend, hurling will be on Wednesday this week at Strathcona park. This will start at 7pm.
Please contact your player rep or coach if you will be late or absent so the Coaches can plan drills according to numbers in advance.
Best of Luck to all teams travelling this weekend.