Player Profile – David Foley (Hurling)


Name:  David Foley

Age:  26

DOB:  02/24/1989

Height:  5ft 11

Occupation:  Operations Services Clerk – Law Firm

Club & County:  Moyle Rovers, Tipperary

Moved to Vancouver:  February 4th 2014

Live In:  West End

Favourite ISSC memory:  The trip to Boston last year for the North American championship.  The weekend had it all.  Between seeing Mark Turner and the boys covered head to toe in black s**t when the fire alarm and sprinklers were “accidentally” set off in their room in the hotel to being on the winning hurling team and then watching our footballers winning their championship.  To top it all off, it was one of the best sessions I’ve ever been on inside in the Littlest Bar in downtown Boston.  Also have to squeeze in……….  to CHINAAAAAAAA.

What you like about Vancouver:  Everything.  In the Summer you have the beach, the park, the mountains, BBQ’s etc.  Then in the Winter you have your snowboarding and skiing.  You’re never stuck for something to do and you’re surrounded by the best emigrants Ireland has to offer!

Best Place to eat in Vancouver:  For a nice meal Joe Fortes.  If you’re falling home at 4am on a Saturday night, it has to be Donair Dude!

Premier League/Soccer Team supported:  Liverpool

Favourite GAA player at the moment:   Was, is and always will be the son of God, Eoin Kelly.

Sporting interests:  Hurling, football, NFL, soccer & rugby.

Other interests:  I love the pub.  Also enjoy reading, snowboarding and playing FIFA.

Favourite TV shows:  Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Sopranos and all food shows, special shout out has to go to the legendary Adam Richmond from Man V Food.

Musical interests:  Kasabian, The Stone Roses, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Jay-Z, The Wolfe Tones, The Pogues, Hozier.  Everything and anything really.

Where have you travelled?:  America, Europe & Canada.

A prediction for 2015:  Tipp to bring Liam Mc Carthy to where he belongs and JP Ryans to win the Senior hurling championship  in Chicago!!!  Hon the boys!!!

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