I am introducing myself to the Celtic community as a native Irish speaker born and reared on the Donegal Gaeltacht of Gweedore. I finished a degree with honours in Celtic Studies and Music at the University of Ulster… doing research and collecting of the endangered folkloric tradition from the homes of coastal Ireland and the Gaelic Hebrides in Scotland.

I currently am undertaking a second higher-level degree in Linguistics at Simon Fraser University, I have taught numerous courses in Ireland on Scottish Gaelic and have devoted my life to teaching music and keeping my native Irish alive.
I am offering private lessons in both the language and mythologies of the Gaelic dialects of Ireland and Scotland for a fee of $30 per session.

It is said in Gaelic: “tír gan teanga, tír gan anam” – A country without a language, a country without a soul.

I can be best reached through e-mail at and I live in the Commercial Drive area. If interested, feel free to contact me.