Rugby in Vancouver

Rugby is a growing sport in BC. There are several clubs in and around Vancouver. Rugby season goes from mid September to December, and then from January to April. This ties in nicely with the end of the Gaelic Football, Hurling and Aussie Rules seasons.

If you want to play rugby in Vancouver, choosing a club will probably come down to how close it is to your work or home, for easy travel to training and to games.

There is a list of rugby clubs in the Vancouver and surrounding areas on the BC Rugby Website.

scribescrestOne men’s club with close ties to the ISSC is Scribes RFC. The Scribes are currently looking for new members, of any level. For the first time in years the Scribes are entering two teams in the local league; a team in the 1st and a team 2nd in the second division.

For ladies wanting to get into the game of rugby, the Rogues RFC have a women’s team. Several ladies from the ISSC also play with the Rogues.