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Player Profile – Tommy Bourke (Hurling & Football)


Name:  Tommy Bourke

Age:  24

DOB:  September 24th 1990

Weight:  175 lbs

Height: 6 foot

Occupation:  Manager, Logistics

Club & County:  Upperchurch – Drombane, Tipperary

Position:  Midfield, although some people think I’m a corner back!!

Moved to Vancouver:  May 2010

Live in:  Commercial Drive

Favourite ISSC memory:  Doing the double in Boston in 2014 and the following session.

What you like about Vancouver:  The views

Best place to eat in Vancouver:  Zawa Breakfast

Premier League/soccer team supported:  Liverpool

Favourite GAA player at the moment:  John Martyn

Sporting interests:  Soccer, bochi and pool

Other interests:  Movies and crazy golf

Favourite TV shows:  Homeland and Archer

Musical interests:  Jamiroquai and Royal Blood

Where have you travelled:  All of BC, Toronto, Seattle, Edmonton, Vegas and California

A prediction for 2015:  Twil be a wet year with very little growth.