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Name :  Kelley Aylward

Age:  23

DOB:  9th August 1991

Height:  5ft 8

Occupation:  Montessori Teacher

Club & County:  Moyle Rovers,  Tipperary

Position:  Forward

Moved to Vancouver:  4th February 2014

Live In:  The West End

Favourite ISSC memory:  I loved the tournament we had last year in Seattle and also the Western’s here in Vancouver but Boston was definitely the highlight.  Although we didn’t win the final we still celebrated like we had.  The Monday we spent in the Irish bar is one to remember.   Here’s hoping we can win it in Chicago this year.

What you like about Vancouver:  It is a beautiful city and there is always something to do.  The people here are so friendly and I love the Irish community we have here also.

Premier League/soccer team supported:  I hate soccer!!  It’s so boring but I’d support the Irish team.

Favourite GAA player at the moment:  Noel Mc Grath (Tipperary hurler)

Sporting interests:  Football, running and shopping.  I love hurling but just to watch!!

Other interests:  Love hiking and snowboarding.

Favourite TV Shows:  Grey’s Anatomy, The Fall, Revenge, Master Chef.

Musical Interests:  Ed Sheeran, Hozier, Christy Moore, Ellie Goulding and Beyonce.

Where have you travelled:  Toronto, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco and Europe.

A prediction for 2015:  With the retirement of Henry Shefflin, I think Tipp definitely have a chance to win and bring Liam Mc Carthy home this year!!