Youth Gaelic Games

ISSCVancouver_ISSC_GAA_LGFA_Camogie_Hurling_Youth_Gaelic Games
Our future ISSC stars getting stuck in.

Youth Gaelic Games Programs


The ISSC is committed to encouraging all to play and enjoy Gaelic Games, no matter their ability, in an atmosphere that promotes fun, friendship and personal growth.

Our Mission is to promote the Gaelic Games to Youth in the Lower Mainland.

If your child likes soccer, rugby, basket ball or volleyball: they will LOVE Gaelic Football.

If they like hockey, lacrosse or baseball; they will LOVE Hurling.

Look out for Gaelic Games Camps and other events throughout the year.


ISSCVancouver_ISSC_GAA_LGFA_Camogie_Hurling_Youth_Gaelic Games
Dreaming of winning the All-Ireland Camogie Final.
ISSCVancouver_ISSC_GAA_LGFA_Camogie_Hurling_Youth_Gaelic Games
A future Stephen Cluxton amongst us.
ISSCVancouver_ISSC_GAA_LGFA_Camogie_Hurling_Youth_Gaelic Games
One of our young members enjoying the youth camp.


Summer Youth Gaelic Games 2022

Training and Mini-games Dates:
  • Training: June 4th and June 11th – 6:30- 8.00 pm Charleston Park
  • Vancouver Games Day: June 16th – 11.00 am-12.30 am Brockton Oval, Stanley Park
  • Training: July 16th and July 23rd – 6.30-8.00 pm Clark Park
  • Vancouver Games Day: July 28th – 11.00 am-12.30 am Strathcona Park, 857 Malkin Ave, Vancouver
  • Training: August 6th and August 13th – 6.30-8.00 pm  Clark Park
  • Vancouver Games Day: August 18th – 11.00 am-12.30 am Strathcona Park, 857 Malkin Ave, Vancouver

The ISSC Vancouver WANTS your children to have the opportunity to play Hurling and Gaelic Football right here in Vancouver.

We have held youth workshops for ages 16 and down since 2010, and in June and July this year, we will offer a program packaged for kids from toddlers, right up to U-18.  Please  contact RONAN (below) for further details.

The ISSC Vancouver will provide the following as part of our Youth Gaelic Games package, for just $50 per child (Returning Registrants receive massive discounts)

  • Program of Gaelic Games, with hands-on, skill-based, fun drills for all ages,
  • Access to proper playing equipment for Hurling and Gaelic Football,
  • ISSC Kits, with t-shirts, shorts, socks and other goodies for all participants
  • Coaching in two high-skilled sports that will interest kids no matter what their #1 sport is

ISSC-Youth – Participant Registration

Canada GAA Waiver

Media Release forms

If you would like to SIGN-UP for the Youth Gaelic Games Package, please contact RONAN DEANE, ISSC – Youth Development
Cell: 778.554.0724



Gaelic Games are Ireland’s ancient national games and are made up of four main sports – Hurling, Gaelic Football, Rounders (a bat and  ball, strike and fielding game that preceded Baseball) and Handball (a court or alley based game that uses the hand to strike a ball off a wall and outscore an opponent).

We will FOCUS on Gaelic Football & Hurling

They are distinctly amateur sports, governed by the Gaelic Athletic Association or GAA which has blossomed into the largest amateur sporting organization in the world. The GAA was founded in 1884 for the preservation and promotion of Gaelic Games, culture and pastimes. It has over 300,000 players and 800,000 members, with over 2,000 clubs in Ireland alone and another 300 outside of Ireland.



The ISSC Vancouver WANTS to come and coach Gaelic Football at your schools.

In the last 5 years, we have promoted to almost 6,000 Students at schools in Vancouver, Burnaby, Chilliwack, Cloverdale, Delta, North Vancouver and Surrey, and as far away as Victoria, BC.   It has been a positive experience for ourselves, the students who participate and the teachers that have provided us the opportunity to present.

ISSC Volunteers @ St. Francis de Sales Primary School, in 2016
ISSC Volunteers @ St. Francis de Sales Primary School, in 2016
LGFA @ South Delta Secondary School in 2015
LGFA @ South Delta Secondary School in 2015
The ISSC caters for boys and girls of all ages, from K - 12.
The ISSC caters for boys and girls of all ages, from K – 12.

The ISSC Vancouver will support the School Districts, as follows:

  • schedule regular visits from ISSC to demonstrate the technical skills of the sports,
  • source & provide equipment specific to the Gaelic Games, and then
  • formulate a program of regular self-guided classes, follow-up workshops with ISSC members, and coordination of inter-school matches in the District (say in the run-up to St. Patricks Day)

If you would like to schedule a visit from our cheerful and enthusiastic members.

Cell: 778.554.0724