ISSC Open House 2020

Do you like Soccer ⚽? Rugby ?? Volleyball ?? Basketball ?? How about mixing them altogether into one action packed sport – Gaelic Football ?

Or do you prefer Golf ?‍♀? Hockey ?? Softball ⚾? Lacrosse? If you mash all those techniques together you get the world’s oldest stick and ball game, the fastest game on grass and most skillful game in the world – Camogie (Hurling) ?

But don’t let that put you off, take a look at these clips below and then come to our Open Day to find out more? We have some all star players from Ireland living here in Vancouver who want to share their passion for Gaelic Games in Canada.

Where: St James Community Square

Date: Saturday 1st February 2020

Time: 3-6pm


? What is Gaelic Football?

? What is Camogie (Hurling)?

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