ISSC Ladies Football

Inaugural Canadian Championships 2022 - Toronto - Senior Ladies Team

Ladies Gaelic Football was founded in Vancouver in the 1990’s and has grown in the last number of years. We are now fielding both a Junior, Intermediate and Senior team in almost all competitions. We welcome players of all abilities, from beginners to experienced, and all nationalities to come out and play some Gaelic Football.

Our teams have participated in various tournaments over the years – local Vancouver Leagues and Championships, the Western Canadian Championships, the West Coast Sevens Tournament in San Diego and the North American Championships. We also travel to Seattle and Victoria B.C. annually to participate in fun and competitive tournaments.

In 2023, our club successfully did a treble in the Championship coming out with Junior, Intermediate and Senior titles. Congratulations to the players and management on their success.

Each year promises to be a very successful year for ladies football in Vancouver and we encourage all players, both experienced and beginners to dust off your boots and come out to play! We are a social club and it’s a great way to meet people and make friends.

If you are interested in playing Ladies Gaelic Football, please send an email to


Canadian National Championships:

  • Senior Champions 2022

Vancouver Championships:

  • Junior, Intermediate & Senior Champions 2023
  • Junior B & Senior Champions 2022
  • Junior & Senior Champions 2021
  • Junior & Senior Champions 2019
  • Junior & Senior Champions 2018

Western Canadian Championships:

  • 2019           
  • 2018           
  • 2015           
  • 2014         
  • 2013              
  • 2012           
  • 2010           
  • 2009           
  • 2008           
  • 2007

North American Championships:

  • 2019 Intermediate Winners
  • 2018 Intermediate Finalists
  • 2016 Senior Finalists
  • 2015 Intermediate Winners
  • 2013 Junior A Winners

West Coast Sevens: 

  • 2017 Senior Winners